Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tout a commencé...

It all started this summer, when I purchased my first cowl from LaRedoute.ch:

I had no idea this was THE item to have as I started wearing it in San Francisco in August (basically winter...) and got so many compliments. Most of all, people kept asking me: "Did you make that?" Well, no, obviously I hadn't... but it got me thinking about it.

It was just three weeks ago, that I dug into an old drawer and found a three year old project. The infamous scarf that I could never finish. Illumination! Why not make a cowl! Shorter, faster and chunkier...

The next day, I went over to ImagiKnit in the Castro and bought my first set of needles in a round (size 17), some thick yarn and away I went on my first project. Here are some pics of it:


Since this first project, I found out that I was twisting my stitches. I had to go online and check out how to rectify my "purl" knit Continental Style. Because of course: the Americans and the Euros can't knit the same way! Just like they have different references for needles, stitches... you name it, it's different. And so I (re)learned. 

No matter how much I try to block it out, when I'm either knitting or purling, I can hear my 8th grade knitting teacher in my head: "une maille à l'endroit, une maille à l'envers... une maille à l'endroit, une maille à l'envers!".

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