Thursday, January 12, 2012

Que faire?

For some odd reason, I bought different skeins of wool the other day but only one of each color.
So I started on this cowl using the pattern here:

Knitted happily until I ran out of yarn...

Seed stitch twisted cowl - en gris foncé

Until I could find enough time to go back to my usual peeps and buy some more yarn, I decided to use this gorgeous red yarn and started on this project:

Infinity scarf / cowl - en rouge

So I have these two under way, nothing close to finished!

Pretty much the state of my life right now. But I can tell you this much:
it's very close to all falling into place!!

Motus et bouche cousue! A Suivre...

1 comment:

  1. i start projects all the time and never finish them. so when people ask me to make them things, i say no way! you'll never get it! ;) haahah!