Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Recommencer pour mieux réussir

As you know, I've been big on cowls. Let's face it: the reward for effort is pretty instant. In one evening, I can take a skein (new word!) of yarn and turn it into a cowl.

I branched out before the holidays into making SCARVES. My first attempt was for Killian. Honestly, a big hit. But so loooooong to make. Over a week!

Before fringes were added

Of course, Ella wanted one too (even if I'd already made her a cute light blue cowl with matching hat). So I made her one, but with thicker yarn and with an awesome pattern of k1, yo, k2tog, k1.

Miss Ella walking with purse (and scarf)

This last scarf opened up a ton of new ideas. I was inspired by this model, thanks to ImagiKnit in the Castro.

ImagiKnit model

Of course, I didn't have any yarn that thick so I just improvised with these two skeins of wool in alpaca I had purchased a while back (Bouton d'Or in Divine Mustang). I had actually tried to make a cowl with this yarn but it was too difficult to knit in the round for some reason. Maybe the needles were too small or I hadn't experienced knitting enough to manage. Using size 10 1/2 needles in bamboo turned out to be perfect.

Alpaca - love it!
I began the above-mentioned pattern and probably knitted fifty rows before I made a big mistake. I kept on, thinking it wouldn't matter but I have to say, it looked really bad. So, I undid the whole thing, which turned out to be quite the job as the yarn was so fuzzy, it kept getting tangled and knotted.

Au tout début...

En cours de route

I finally got back on track. The project is still in the making so I'll make sure to add a finished photo.
Lesson learned: sometimes, you just have to start over to get what you want! 

La moitié est faite

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